Name: Rock Throw

Type: Offencive, Interseptive

Stats: Strength: weak(10%), Speed: quick(90%), Accuracy: medium(50% Short range: 35%, Medium range: 75%, Long range: 50%

Users: Earthbending begginers +`

Energy usage: 1 fourth chi(peble), 2 chi(stone), 5-6 chi(large stone/small statue), 6-10 chi(small boulder/statue), 12 chi(boulder/large statue), 24 chi(large boulder, 32 chi(giant staue), 43-45 chi(house), 52 chi(castle tower), 64 chi(castle), 76 chi(large castle), 89 chi(small mountain), 129(mountain), 1089 chi(something a little smaller than Mount Everest)

The most common attack, involves levitating nearby earth and stone of numerous sizes (more powerful benders can move larger masses), and propelling them at foes by punching or kicking motions. It is sometimes used for show. Once, a white wizard of rock lifted an entire underwater mountain somewhere near the sizae of Mount everest in order to imprison, and later possibly kill a deamon that could be known as a titan(from greek mythology). He showed this great ability when he entered into his white wizard state. The energy usage nearly killed him, even with the other white wizard's energy, and he could not stand for about three earth years.