Mystrians are a race of magical beings portrayed in the Mystrian Fate series. They are best known for their ability to wield magic after which they have modeled their society and technology. Their origins are left vague and unknown, but it is apparent that they had a common ancestor with humanity, though they are considered native to the planet Mystice, which was named after them.


Mystrians are a humanoid race, commonly being nigh indistinguisheable from humans. The only true physical differences between a mystrian and a human are in coloration- mystrians tend to have more brightly colored hair and eyes.

Due to the high amount of magic present in mystrian society, they may sometimes hybridize with other speices, gaining unique traits. Similarly, transformation of certain features is entirely feasable and some could conceivably transform into entirely different creatures for large portions of thier life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The powers displayed by mystrians vary wildly, but mystrians all possess the ability to wield magic. The most commonly displayed ability used by mystrians is the manipulation of the four classical Greek elements to produce a variety of effects. They are also commonly known to possess other miscellaneous abilities such as teleportation, enchanting, and summoning, among others.

Lineal AbilitiesEdit

Other than the common magical skills possessed by mystrians, occasionally a genetic root will emerge that grants the user an entirely new skill, such as the creation and control of plant life. This is commonly refered to as a lineal ability, though not all members of a family may possess it.

Lineal abilities, when developed, commonly allowed for powerful, unique, and advanced forms of magic. Some forms of magic, such as the ice element, are considered lineal abilities for mystrians but not to races that can naturally use them, such as dragons (in the case of the ice element).


Magic is also what powers almost all mystrian technology, usually being the fuel. In most cases the energy that powers mystrian technology (effectively taking over the role of a battery or motor) comes from crystals filled with mana- a byproduct of spells that seeps into the earth but which can be collected by those skilled in its wielding. These crystals can either form naturally, as when large amounts of energy accumulate in areas where magic is commonly performed, or intentionally, as when made in an energy plant.