Name: Mystical Palm Technique(Also: Healing hands. Note Healing hands is realy used in chi)

Type: Range: short(touch needed), healing

Handsigns: Tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, dog

The Mystical Palm Technique is a multipurpose technique that can heal. To heal with the ability, users collect chakra to their hand to speed up cell regeneration wherever it is applied. However, this causes the target's life to shorten, unless they are killed(rather than dieing of old age), in which case, it wouldn't matter. This is due to the fact that since it speeds up cell regeneration, it also speeds up the aging in the place where it is aplied. This technique has no effect on blood, as it does not divide. In order to make more blood, one must use more chacra, and consentrate it, to reach the bone, where blood is made. It can also make a blade made of chacra that can cut the muscles, chacra system, etc, without cutting any scin.