Mana is created by non-living/dead things. When a living thing dies, and decomposes, it's energy is absorbed, and chenged in the ground/trees/water/etc. When this happens, the energy stored in that place is called mana. Nomaly it is very weak, but when two, or more diferent kinds of mana are joined, their overall energy grows(not like 1+1=2, but more like 1+1=5). Mana is automaticly absorbed by anadites, and they have to consentrate not to absorb it. For mystrians, it's the reverse, they have to consentrate to absorb it, rather than adsorbing it naturaly.

Swamp Mana Edit

Swamp mana normaly contains water mana, earth mana, dead mana(from still decomposing creatures), tree mana, etc. It is very unstable, and for that reason, it is normaly used for spells that drain a target of all energy. It's main color is a kind of sickly blue.

Rain Mana Edit

Rain mana normaly contains water, and air mana. It is a very calming, and yet energetic mana, and thus, is normaly used for meditation, and curing.

Forest Mana Edit

Forest mana is normaly made of water, tree, air, living(plain energy accidentaly let loose by living creatures), shrub, plant, earth, and fire mana. This is a very unpredictable kind of mana, and is said to be the most powerful. It is a gambling kind of mana, because it can harm, heal, leach, or help-absorbing/recover your target.