Light is good spiritual energy, few can harness its powers, but a good indication of a Light user is blue hair. However, this is not always the case.

Light is mainly spiritual energy representing morals that can enhance magic. Capable of being expelled via Lessatono and other magical artifacts to produce an energy with special effects such as the destruction of shadows and dark beings such as vampires.

Kathruia Ahenin's sword, Lessatono, utilizes the power of Light to defeat Darkness, the opposite symbol on the triangle of fate, also known as the master seal. (Picture will be made and uploaded soon)

There is no evident god or gods on Mystice, only Light, the force of creation, goodwill, purity, and chivalry. The other forces are, Darkness, the force of evil, selfishness, greed, envy, power, strength, death corruption, malice, and malevolent beings. And, Balance, the force of will, determination, thought, loyalty, life, the world, equilibrium, and peace with oneself and others. However, there may not be a god or gods, but there is a multitude of spirits.

Back on the topic of Light, it's usage is rare as it is a divine gift that one can't just learn. Certain individuals have


The symbol of Balance, the power within Xhalite's balancer blade!

power over Light like Kathruia Ahenin. Blue hair signifies a powerful Light user/cleric, while white hair symbolizes somebody who is in almost perfect control of their body, mind, and spirit. Somebody with pure white hair is rare, but it does happen as with the case of Tiel and Xate.


The symbol of darkness and Zyaji's organization, the Shadows. It is also tattooed somewhere on every Shadow character.