Kathruia Athenin
Vital statistics
Title Kathruia
Gender Female
Race Mystrian
Team Xhalite's Team
Lineal Ability unknown
Level 5
Magical family Athenin


Kathruia Ahenin, also known as Kathy by her close friends, is a Mystrian girl with a troubled past who befriends Xhalite. She is one year older than him from the begining of the story(Xhalite is 15 at the begining, Kathy is 16).

Her main ability is the power of Light(article to be added soon)and her secondary abilities lie with the water element. Though, the only thing she really uses the water element for is to stay underwater as long as she wants. Her weapon is Lessatono (article to be updated soon). It is an Alhari scimitar of Light from the last great war with Zyaji(article to be added soon). She uses her abilities to aid Xhalite and the rest of the crew in defeating the forces of flame and shadows.

Her normal attire is a tank top, jeans/skirt & tights, with combat boots. Another unique trait about her is her blue hair. It is said that a person with blue hair is attuned with the power of Light, but not a completely pure individual. Her personality is some-what hard to explain, she has mood-swings a lot. She can be very nice one minute, then insanely angry, though this is mainly for comedic relief, her angry side shows the most when she battles Jalixia Gyrjim, King of the Flame Demons.

When she was about thirteen, the Flame Demons raided her island and she was the sole survivour, she swam all the way to Port Serene, Nunga. From that day onward, she swore she would kill the man who did this to her.

There is a lot of strong evidence for a Xhal-Kath romance. In Undas Major, a city in Tiagor, Kathruia and Xhalite dance together for the annual Hallow Night Ball. Before that, Xhalite and Kathy hug each other after Xhalite saves her from being sacrificed to summon a sphnix in the Alhari arc. And, she saves Xhalite several times as well.