Kathrina Apheenan
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Vital statistics
Title Green Wizard of air
Gender Female
Race Anadite/Ofivian
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Level 4
Status Protector
Location Earth
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Kathrina is a Green Wizard of air from the Planet Anadon. She has as a main weapon a short sword named Tedenan of three foot tall. But it's got three different shapes. Tedenan icebound: This is a short sword of three foot tall and it is made of ice. Almost all swords freeze when they touch Tedenan in the icebound shape. Tedenan Aegvean: The sword is of metal but when Kathrina wants it, the sword turns into air so it cannot be visible. Tedenan Knife: A knife that can create wind storms. The second and last weapon is a Magicla Wand with the nocle of Light and around it frozen fire. (See articles for a more detailed information.)


Kathrina Apheenan was born in Anadon. She is a green wizard of air and is daughter to Aphrodite and to a Titan. Kathrina is now twelve years old and her father died(certain swords, arrows, etc. can be dipped in a vial of anti-imortality venom to be able to kill an imortal creature) in the last battle against Olympians. Kathrina was born in the moon of Ofiveen. The first and main moon of Anadon. She assisted Gerandehn school of magic at the age of five and was transfered to the third moon of Anadon, Darma where she asisted the school Phentian. She was very intelligent and very powerful but at the age of eigth, she was sent to the planet Flora for her to be apart from the war. A few years later, she returned to Anadon and found just ruins and lots of his comrades dead. She grew alone in Anadon until the day she was hunting a Monster in Anadon and found four weird wizards. Xhalite, Jeyheu, Kathruio and Megtheroph. She senced that one them four was an Anadite and secretly followed them to earth. But the four friends did not notice the presence of Kathrina until the next day during a battle against the deatheaters. She introduced herself and now she is living with Megtheroph Wyffox. One of the four last Anadites.



Kathrina is intolerant to fire and to hot things.


"Drink, fight and rest."


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