Jeyheu Ulio Lopex
Placeholder person
Lightning Archer
Vital statistics
Title Jeyheu
Gender Male
Race Mystrian
Team Xhalite's team
Lineal Ability {{{lineal ability}}}
Level 6
Status Unknown
Location Somewhere.......
Magical family unkown, al lwe know is he has a father of air and mother of fire

Jeyheu went to school with Xhalite and Kathruio.(Kathruio enrolled in phionite after being rescued) He is good at controlling electricty and his weapon is the lightning bow, it shoots electrified arrows. The bow has 3 forms, the first is a regular wooden bow with lightning bolts to decorate it, then it turns black as it's second form and the lightning bolts become sparkling with electrcity, then in it's 3rd form it becomes completely electric, this is when it is completely yellow. It is most powerful in it's 3rd form.


Born from a mother who was of fire and a father of Air. The two together normally make a good lightning user, as it was in his case, except he can't control voltage.....



Not known yet.........


"Heh heh, I gots electrcity"


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