Dragons are one of the many intelligent species found in the Mystrians series. Many different species of dragons exist, but most appear to be european. According to Kinoh they are rarely seen due to a prejudice towards them caused by their immense size and magical ability.

History Edit

Dragons are first introduced in Night of the Dragon, where it is discovered that Kinoh himself is half dragon. It is currently unknown if a regular dragon can maintain a mystrian form for long or whether this is a trait only found in half-dragons. It seems that for centuries the dragons have mainly remained inside their own secret villages to avoid scaring regular townspeople, who often believe them to be too dangerous and hunt them down. While in these villages there remain a few mystrians who lack the bias demonstrated by others, the outside world is perilous to a dragon without a disguise, and thus, very few dragons remain roaming the world alone.

Dragon Villages Edit

These hidden villages and cities are scattered across Mystice, yet there is no known dragon country. Instead, they do not see themselves as having any right to own the land and claim that they merely exist peacefully side-by-side to nature. Not all dragons live in these villages, but they are usually found in iscolated areas where few others reside.