Name: Air Shield

Type: Defense

The most common defensive tactic involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than bending. However, an Air user can still deflect as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their bodies as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly and more often pushes the attack aside and away, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment. Since air can affect almost all physical objects, it can also be used to enforce the momentum of thrown objects or manipulate other objects (though requiring a higher degree of precision).

The "wall" Edit

By using this technique on a larger scale, a user can cover an entire group. This technique is not normaly used, as it can only be used by near-intermediate air users(and higher), and by the time they master this technique, they will probably be intermidiate air users, and will be able to use the Air Barrier, which is more effective, and popular, even though it useds about 2 to 3 times the chi usage.